Friday, February 3, 2012

The Complete Opposite of Super Bowl

I’m not going to bore you with how much my sports life sucks right now because that happened two weeks ago already. Hopefully, you took my advice and made some money betting the AFC and NFC title games two Sundays ago.

Who am I rooting for this Sunday? First and foremost, I’m rooting for a defensive struggle (you will see why in a minute) and a very sloppy game. I haven’t decided yet which team I will support but at this point I have to lean towards the Giants. Just can’t bring myself to cheer for Bill Belichick in any game, ever.

Things I’ll be rooting for:

Under 55: For reference, the over/under for the Saints/Lions game a few weeks ago was 54. Of course, anything can happen and both offenses are capapble of singlehandedly putting up 40+ points, but setting the number at 55 is borderline preposterous. The defenses are getting way too little respect for squads playing as well as they have been in recent weeks.

Longest touchdown of the game under 49.5 yards: I’m feeling a game that has more field goals made than touchdowns scored so the (hopefully) few touchdowns scored just need to be from inside opponent territory.

Over 8.5 punts in this game: I’m going all in on these defenses.

A tie score after 0-0: I think this will be a close game so I’m hoping at some point these teams will be tied. 3-3, ideally.

Longest punt by Zoltan Mesko over 53.5 yards & Longest punt by Steve Weatherford over 53.5 yards: I finally found someone in this game to root for - the punters.

First TD NOT to be a passing TD: At 2/1, this seems like a good gamble. Maybe Ahmad or Danny Woodhead will scamper in from the 2-yard line.

Patriots score exactly 19 points: I couldn’t find a spot that would let me parlay both teams’ final scores so I took the Pats scoring exactly 19 points at 55/1.

Final score prediction: Giants 23-19. I’ve had decent success predicting final scores (see sidebar of homepage) and hoping this run continues.

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