Monday, February 6, 2012

Quick Super Bowl Recap

-I was four points off in my predicted score (23-19 vs actual score of 21-17) yet somehow managed to lose money on the game. Par for the course right now.

-The Giants got hot at the right time and got some lucky breaks/bounces in the last month and a half of the season:

Week 15: Lost to the Washington Redskins for the second time this season.

After this game, tides turn.

Week 16: Victor Cruz breaks three tackles against the Jets and races 99 yards for a touchdown
Week 17: Cowboys fail to show up
Wild Card Round: Falcons fail on two quarterback sneaks on fourth and 1
Divisional Round: Packers wide receivers come down with a case of the drops
NFC Championship: Kyle Williams happens
Super Bowl: Wes Welker drops huge fourth quarter pass. So do Deion Branch and Aaron Hernandez

Not taking anything away from the Giants at all because in sports you make your own breaks, but this was an impressive run.

-I can't put my finger on one memorable thing from this Super Bowl. Pretty boring from beginning to end. Even Eli seemed like a default choice for MVP.

-Eli is going to the Hall.

-Tom Coughlin might too.

-The Mario Manningham catch was pretty awesome, but if that doesn't happen in the Super Bowl, I have a hard time believing it makes a Top 50 list for best catches this season.

-In typical Bill Belichick fashion, he cuts a player the night before the game. Karma caught up to BB.

-Low class move by Belichick not to show for the post-game press conference too.

-I guess Gisele's email pleas for prayers didn't help Tommy Boy.

-Great stat from's Don Banks:

The last nine Super Bowls have all now featured seven-point games in the fourth quarter.

-Despite the Giants winning the Super Bowl, I have to say I'm glad this season wasn't ruined by the lockout.

_Best commercial for me:'s "Kid Peeing in the Pool"

-14 days until pitchers and catchers report. Seven months until more football (September 6th).

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