Thursday, March 15, 2012

NCAA Tourney Thoughts: East Region

*I love the guard-heavy Texas vs Cincy matchup. The Longhorns have overachieved this season while the Bearcats used a midseason rumble to turn their season around. I think Cincy is the better team, but if you get upset points, take a shot on UT even if it means supporting Rick Barnes.

*Everyone loves Florida State's defense, but do they have the offense to compete? Against St Bonventure, most likely, but after that, things could get dicey if Mike Snaer goes cold.

*Fab Melo or not, Syracuse is not losing to UNCA. You can move Ohio State ahead in your brackets too as Loyola won't be much of a threat.

*It might be a home game in terms of distance for West Virginia, but if you think anyone in the city of Pittsburgh not affiliated with the Mountaineers will be rooting for them, you are insane. I think Gonzaga got screwed by being shipped all the way east, but I think they are the superior team here.

*Vandy is the trendy pick in this region and for good reason. They just won the SEC tournament and knocked off Kentucky in the process. Usually when everyone thinks a middle of the road seed will make moves, the exact opposite happens. Be cautious before penciling this team into the Elite 8 or further.

*Southern Miss does nothing to get me excited, and Frank Martin scares me so I'll go with Kansas State.

*Montana didn't pass my eye test, but they seem worth a shot if you are looking for an upset in this region because Wisconsin regularly chokes in these types of situations.

Projected Region Winner: Ohio State over Vanderbilt (going against my own cautions here will undoubtedly screw me).

I trust the man on the left enough to overcome my lack of faith in the man on the right.

The Midwest breakdown will be coming tomorrow.

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