Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NFL: Mock Draft 2.0 (Part II)

11.Kansas City (TSB): David DeCastro, OG, Stanford - The Chiefs would love for Kuechly to fall this far, but in this scenario he’s gone which will allow the team to go in a number of different directions. DeCastro isn’t a sexy pick but he’s effective. Kansas City has no qualms spending their top picks on an interior lineman (Branden Albert, 2008), and DDC could start from Day 1 which is important for a team that can be competitive in the AFC West this season.

Swag commentary: I like this pick. I think because he got hurt so early in the season last year, a lot of people have forgotten about Jamaal Charles. If he can come back healthy and be complimented by a reinvigorated Peyton Hillis, this team can get back to its ground and pound style of 2010 when it surprised everyone and won the division. DDC can help immediately and be a big part of the run game.

12.Seattle (Swag): Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina - I noted earlier I liked Melvin Ingram as my top D-Lineman in the draft, so to have him here at #12 is great news for Seattle. They are in desperate need of pass rushers, as they were caught using 320 lb. defensive tackles at the ends last year. Gave them a great front against the run, but they couldn’t register any pressure against the pass. Ingram will help all of that with his speed off the edge. Put him opposite Chris Clemons and it would help them create more pressure in 2012 and improve on a mere 33 sacks the team posted last season.

TSB commentary: Ingram seems like a bargain here at 12. Great athlete + position of need + great value. Slam dunk.

13.Arizona (TSB): Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa - With Floyd off the board and no quarterbacks warranting a pick this high in the draft, Arizona should try to trade down. If that’s not a possibility, strengthening the offensive line is the way to go here. Again, not a sexy pick (that’s two in a row) but Reiff should be able to start Opening Week at a position of need.

Swag commentary: I remember our draft from last season and I was begging for Arizona to take a lineman at #5. They’ve needed help along the line for years, and if John Skelton or Kevin Kolb are going to survive the season, they’re going to need to shore up the line ASAP. Reiff being around at #13 is a pretty good situation for Arizona, they’d be happy to get him here. Great value pick, great need pick.

14.Dallas (Swag): Mark Barron, S, Alabama - Must be nice to be Mark Barron and be the only safety with a first round grade. Dallas needs help in the secondary, Barron would be the best fit here at #14. Dallas has always had a strong defensive front that could get after the passer yet also stop the run, they just need better out of their secondary.

TSB commentary: It must be frustrating watching Eli Manning drive up and down the field against you year after year after year. It’s time for the Cowboys to make some secondary moves. First Brandon Carr. Now Barron. I like the thought process and the pick. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they took a corner here. Barron’s teammate Dre Kirkpatrick could make some sense but the secondary needs to be addressed.

15.Philadelphia (TSB): Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State - I’m not buying the Eagles’ interest in Tannehill. Michael Vick is still their quarterback. They need help on the defensive side of the ball, especially in the box. If Kuechly falls, I think they jump on him, but that’s unlikely.

Swag commentary: Eagles have always had issues up the middle of their defense. They would love to get Kuechly, but I think it’s unlikely unless they trade up. Cox works here, helps them in the middle of a defense that had a difficult time stopping the run last season.

16.New York Jets (Swag): Dontari Poe, DT, Memphis - I took Poe here last mock, and I’ll stay with him. I think the Jets miss a presence in the middle of that line since they lost Kris Jenkins and their run defense and toughness up front has suffered. I think Poe would thrive in a Rex Ryan system much like Haloti Ngata did in Baltimore, I think it’s a match made in heaven. Jets do have bigger needs along the OL so a Cordy Glenn or Jonathan Martin make sense here as well, but I think Poe is the more impactful pick here.

Will Poe be the next Haloti Ngata or Dewayne Robertson?
TSB commentary: With Poe, it all comes down to motivation. His teams at Penny Hardway Derrick Rose University were pathetic. They gave up 48 or more points SIX times last season alone. In back-to-back games against middle of the road competition (Tulsa and Louisville), they were outscored by a combined score of 104-7. At some point, the best player on the field needs to step up and make some plays. Poe failed to do that. He’s a workout warrior, but the knock on him is that he didn’t do much in games. If Rex can motivate this guy, he’s a great fit. Unfortunately, this is the kind of guy that has huge potential. I know you are high on Poe, but I think the Jets could do better.

17.Cincinnati (TSB): Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama - Off field problems? Yup. Fits a position of need? Yup. Comes from a big-time football school? Yup. Was a consideration for a top-10 pick coming into the year? Yup.

Swag commentary: Guy was born to be a Cincinnati Bengal.

18.San Diego (Swag): Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford - The guy protected Andrew Luck’s blindside. With that type of pressure on him the last couple years, it’s like he’s already two years into his NFL career. The Chargers let Marcus McNeil walk and are left with a huge hole on the left side of their line. They need a starter at LT to protect Phillip Rivers. Since they’ve done nothing in free agency, and don’t seem to have anyone capable currently on their roster, Martin becomes that guy. Not like Martin would feel any pressure with that responsibility.

TSB commentary: It’s hard for me to argue with sound logic.

19.Chicago (TSB): Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina - The Bears have to be getting sick of watching divisional opponents traipse up and down the field through the air.  If you want to contain Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford, you need to improve the secondary. Gilmore is a fast climber up the draft board after he tested well this offseason and would provide help against these top passing offenses.

Swag commentary: Stafford, Rodgers, need as much help as you can get here. Janoris Jenkins has become somewhat of a sleeper since we heard his name early on in the process, so whoever Chicago has rated higher would go here and make a lot of sense. Easily justifiable pick here.

20.Tennessee (Swag): Chandler Jones, DE, Syracuse - I think Tennessee has a greater need in the secondary after letting Cortland Finnegan go, but the way this draft has played out there’s no worthy options there. Defensive line has been a priority for Tennessee as well, they lost their best lineman Jason Jones to Seattle while they were able to sign Kamerion Wimbley from Oakland. With the lack of depth they could benefit by getting another edge rusher to turn a weakness into a strength. Jones has a ton of potential and could be a sneaky pick in this draft class. His brother, UFC Champion Jon “Bones” Jones, and his impressive athleticism have people very intrigued by Chandler’s own abilities.  Janoris Jenkins makes sense, but the legacy of Pacman Jones is still fresh here.

TSB commentary: Jones seems like he has a higher floor but a lower ceiling than a prospect like UNC’s Quinton Coples, who came into the year as a contender for the top pick overall. We can justify the pick if we are going the safe route. Also have to remember that 2010 1st rounder, Derrick Morgan can improve this defensive line just by being healthy. He missed all of 2010 with an injury and just worked his way back into shape during 2011. I love the Jones family tree. Their “other” brother Arthur is a defensive lineman that plays for the Ravens. Genetically blessed.

21. Cincinnati (TSB): Cordy Glenn, G, Georgia - The second interior offensive lineman I’ve picked this draft. Yuck. It’s a position of need and this seems like the range he should go so I don’t think it’s a reach. It’s just boring.

Swag commentary: “With the 21st pick of the 2012 NFL Draft the Cincinnati Bengals select…. Glenn. Cordy. Guard. Georgia. Cleveland is now on the clock.” And that will be the last we’ll ever hear about that pick. If I was in that war room in Cincinnati, I’d be looking to draft a WR like Kendall Wright to take some attention away from AJ Green – plus I’d hate to use a first round pick on a Guard, yuck!

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