Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boras:Heyman as McGavin:Jackass Guy

Reenactment of conversation that transpired between Scott Boras and Jon Heyman on Monday morning July 9th:

Scott Boras
Jon Heyman
Boras: Hey Jonny.  How you doing?

Heyman: Great to hear from you. What’s up Scotty?

Boras: Don’t ever call me Scotty again.

Heyman: Yes, sir.  I got a little excited since I hadn’t heard from you since January 25th at 3:09am.

Boras: Right, the day before Prince signed his mega deal.  Well, I haven’t needed you since then, err, I’ve been super busy.

Heyman: All forgiven.

Boras: Are you in Kansas City for the All Star game?

Heyman: Yup, just enjoying my one day off this year.  

Boras: I was thinking about grabbing some lunch.

Heyman: I was gonna spend some time with the fam-

Boras: Sizzler.

Heyman: See you there in an hour.

At lunch:

Boras: Boy do I have a scoop for you- Appel is thinking about going back to Stanford for his senior year.

Heyman: Gimme a second.  Let me tweet that immediately despite the fact it makes absolutely no sense, and you are obviously using me as a ploy in your negotiations for the 205th time since 2010.

Boras: Terrific.  An article wouldn’t hurt either.  

Heyman: I’ll get right on that once we are done here.  I didn’t want to see the family anyway.

Boras: Great.  Here’s 10 bucks.  This meal’s on me.

Four hours later:


If you read the article - and I hope you didn't because it was a colossal waste of time - Heyman's "reasoning" for why Appel would go back to school is that his dad is a rich lawyer for Chevron.  Earth shattering stuff there.

Appel has every incentive to leave school now and would be a fool to go back.    He was drafted 8th overall, not 28th like Gerrit Cole was in 2008.  So, yes, he could be drafted higher next year, but he would have no eligibility remaining, and therefore, no leverage.  

Does having a college degree make you more qualified to pitch in the Major Leagues?  Is Appel really going to Japan after next year's draft so he can be a free agent in 2014?  Do the Long Island Ducks pay seven-figure bonuses? No, no, and no.

The most money a senior has ever received through the draft: Matt LaPorta, $2.1m as the 7th overall pick in 2007 (back in the pre-draft-pool-dollar-restriction days)

Go start your career and form the best Big 3 since Izzy-Pulsipher-Wilson. Fine, not a great example, but still... you can always finish college after your playing career is done. 

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