Friday, July 6, 2012

Is This a Joke?

Let me open this by saying I’m actually a fan of women’s sports.  Would I ever attend a WNBA game?  Of course not, but I will definitely watch Olympic swimming and gymnastics this summer.  I’ll admit to watching some of the Women’s Final Four (both basketball and soccer), and I enjoy the Women’s College World Series even if I’m not proud of it.

However, this whole Olympic-qualifying, deadheat situation would never occur in men’s athletics.

To those not following, here’s a quick summary: the top three finishers in the women’s 100m race would earn a spot on the team.  Jeneba Tarmoh thought she finished third, but upon further review, it was deemed Allyson Felix had tied her.  There were no rules in place for what happens in these situations.  So, since it was a running race, the higher ups decided to have a race between these two competitors tonight with the winner making the team.  Seems like it makes perfect sense, no?

Not to Tarmoh who feels “kind of robbed.”  WHAT?  No one robbed you of anything.  If you had beaten Felix, you would be on the team.  Felix tied you, though.  Who robbed you exactly?

Tarmoh was so upset that she backed out of this race.  Why?  I HAVE NO IDEA.

Can you imagine a dude ever doing this?  Me either.  They should just give the spot to Felix.

You are a runner, Jeneba.  Go run faster than your opponent and represent your country in London.  Don’t go making excuses that you were robbed.  If you are faster than Felix, prove it.  You aren’t winning Olympic gold in the event anyway.  I mean you finished third in your own country’s qualifying event.  Show a little competitiveness.  Let’s go.

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