Friday, July 6, 2012

Stupid Moves Made By NBA GMs

+Maybe I'm beating a dead horse (see here and here) but Daryl Morey is at it again. The Rockets waived Jeremy Lin on December 24, 2011.  Just over six months later, Houston has reportedly offered Lin a $30m contract. If I'm Rockets owner Leslie Anderson, I would flip out.  They could have had Lin for 10% of this amount.

+Days before the 2010 NBA Draft, the Timberwolves offered the fourth overall pick to the Blazers for Nicolas Batum, and they were rebuffed. Now, Batum is leaning towards signing with Minnesota, leaving the Blazers with nothing to show.  Former Portland GM Kevin Pritchard probably wouldn't be "former" if he had accepted this joke of a deal. You want Greg Monroe or DeMarcus Cousins for the next four years at about $4.5m per or would you rather have Nicolas Freakin Batum for the next two years?

+What do Daryl Morey and Kevin Pritchard have in common?

Among other things:

-they are both currently serving as General Managers in the NBA
-both rely heavily on analytical data
-neither has ever overseen a team that won a playoff series
-neither should be trusted to run an NBA organization

+Bryan Colangelo's antics were incredibly stupid, and I wrote about it briefly here.

+Not sure which GM it will be, but one will acquiesce and give into this ridiculous demand from Goran Dragic:

+The NBA is a business. I guess it's a nice gesture by the Phoenix Suns to let Steve Nash go wherever he pleases, but why would you help one of your biggest rivals?  Here you go Lakers, we'll take the 28th and 56th picks in next year's historically terrible draft and a few similar picks in the years ahead.  In return, you take our best player and ensure we never make the second round of the playoffs. Deal?

Maybe David Stern can veto this one somehow.

Moral grade: A; Business grade: F.

+I wanted to write an entire article on this but haven't had a chance so I'll throw it here.  The Indiana Pacers took Miles Plumlee in the first round of the Draft last week.  As someone that watched at least 75% of Duke games over the last four years, I find this hysterical.  Good luck with this one.

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