Friday, September 28, 2012

Ranking the Days of the Week

I had a conversation at work the other day which got me thinking about which day of the week was the worst. It’s commonly assumed most people hate Mondays most, but Monday escapes the bottom two for me. Here’s how I rank the days of the week with a brief explanation. Debate away.

Note: I left the NBA, NHL, and MLB out as games fall on any day of the week and don’t really tip the scales for one day over another.

Saturday: No brainer, top choice. I don’t have to work; can enjoy the entire day, stay up as late as I want, drink as much as I want knowing I have the Sunday security blanket; college sports also peak on Saturdays with both basketball and football seeing full slates; most English Premier League games happen; and the NFL throws Saturday a bone late in the year with a few regular season games for America to enjoy on the best day of the week and playoff games also occur on Saturdays.

Sunday: Again, no work which is huge but not as good as Saturday because the threat of work the next day looms large; the 17 NFL regular season Sundays of the year all fall into my top 50 days of the year; golf and tennis tournaments usually end on Sundays; some early EPL games are on which is nice when you have a kid that doesn’t sleep; rednecks love NASCAR Sundays; very popular day for big family dinners.

Thursday: I’m expecting this to be the first surprise on the list but sneakily Thursday is an enjoyable day with a lot of sports activity plus the weekend is finally in sight; the NFL plays 15 Thursday games a year; the first round of the NFL Draft is now on Thursdays; college football has a somewhat marquee game on Thursday each week; the NBA Draft is held on a Thursday; it’s a popular day to go out; March Madness starts on a Thursday; and best of all my favorite day of the year - Thanksgiving - falls on Thursday which bumps it above Friday for me.

Friday: Weekend countdown officially begins, can usually dress casually at work; it’s a good night to go out but not a ton of sporting events with everyone prepping for Saturday; March Madness Day 2 happens on Friday; the second and third rounds of the NFL Draft occur.

Monday: The day with the worst reputation is actually better than the next two days on the list, in my opinion; typically, you are still riding high from the weekend with big plans for the week ahead; many holidays are scheduled for Monday (MLK, Presidents, Memorial, and Labor Days) giving you three-day weekend possibilities; the NFL plays games every Monday night from September through December; the EPL schedules a few games on Mondays; the BCS Title game happens on a Monday; college basketball final occurs on a Monday; MLB home run derby is also a Monday event.

...they aren't that bad at all.

Wednesday: Kind of a no-man’s land during the week falling directly between two weekends; still too early to get excited about the upcoming weekend but memories have faded of the past weekend; I can’t think of anything memorable or significant that happens on a Wednesday but at least you are one day closer to the weekend than you were on Tuesday.

Related note- Is it just me or don’t you think everyone in the world - zero exceptions - would be significantly more productive if we made Wednesdays a day off in the middle of the week, breaking work down into two mini two-day weeks. You wouldn’t sign up for this? I would even if it meant working more total hours on the four work days.

Tuesday: The most blah day of the week plus, the upcoming weekend is still out of sight. I can only think of two things of note that happen on Tuesday and neither excites me at all: MLB All Star Game and the women’s college basketball final; when the women’s college basketball final is the highlight of your day, you know you are in trouble. Tuesdays suck.


  1. Good note for Wednesday is “Wednesday Night Baseball” that’s at least something that it has going for it. And usually it’s your typical “wing night” where you can get 10 cent wings just about anywhere. Wednesday’s really actually not all that bad

  2. You are neglecting to factor Tuesday bagels into your ranking