Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 3: 11 Things I Know I Know

1. I know that I am insane. How do I know this? The Jets are doing the same thing they have done for the last three years - entrusting games to Mark Sanchez, failing to have any real playmakers that didn't play college ball in the Big 10, depending too much on a defense that will inevitably suffer a crippling injury (please let Revis be ok) - and yet I still expect a different outcome. It's not happening this year, but of couse I will be disappointed when they lose in the first round of the playoffs again in January.

2. I know the coolest play call of the day was made by the Bengals on the first snap of the game. Putting draft ragdoll Mo Sanu in the Wildcat only to have him hit AJ Green on a bomb was awesome to watch. Props.

3. I know we can put a fork in the Saints this year. Call it karma or regression or whatever else you want, but blowing an 18-point second half lead at home against the lowly Chiefs simply will not get it done. They should just tank the rest of the season to try to get the Reggie Bush 2.0 with the number two overall pick in 2013 (half kidding). Speaking of Kansas City, despite how brutal they were for the first 10 quarters of this season, they are only a game out of first place in the pathetic AFC West and can jump into first with a home victory against the Chargers in Week 4.

4. I know I am sick of Peyton Manning. I hope DirecTV, Sprint, Papa John's, and Buick signed Manning to one-year deals. Love the fact the Broncos are sitting at 1-2 thanks in large part to slow starts from the Chosen One. The schedule doesn't get much easier in the short term either. Their next six are: Oakland, at New England, at San Diego, New Orleans, at Cincy, at Carolina. I need Sunday Ticket. How else can I watch the Broncos sputter to a 2-7 start?

5. I know quarterbacks in this league still don't know when to spike the ball and when not to in the two-minute drill. Two examples today of when they should not have spiked at the end of the first half- Andrew Luck with 42 seconds left facing first and goal with a timeout in hand (there's still plenty of time to run three plays) and Big Ben with 28 seconds left and his team already at the line of scrimmage. The spike is a wasted down with that much time left on the clock. Maximize your chances for a touchdown.

6. I know the Cardinals are the most pleasant surprise in the NFL. 3-0? Are you serious? Kevin Kolb, John Skelton, doesn't matter who is under center. This team will compete every week thanks to their defense. Good to see old favorite Kerry Rhodes making a difference in the desert.

7. I know these are some things I hated this week: Randy Moss is just going through the motions and needs to be released; the Colts allowing the Blaine Gabbert / Cecil Shorts combo to beat them; San Diego's effort in a show-me-where-you-really-stack-up game; Carolina failing to show up to a nationally televised game; Detroit's defense; the fact the Texans already have a magic number to clinch the AFC South; the utter lack of control displayed by these replacement refs; being left hanging:

I have been left hanging on a number of high-5s but never on national TV
8. I know that these are some things I loved this week: Torrey Smith's touchdown; Shaun Hill coming off the bench to lead a miracle comeback; the Lions-Titans game in general; the RedZone Channel (you will see this almost every week); Greg Schiano sticking with his guns; Matt Schaub and Matt Ryan's play.

9. I know Brandon Weeden is Tim Couch reincarnated. Huge college numbers, rocket arm, background in another sport, first round pick destined to fail in Cleveland. Dudes even look similar. Browns fans should hope Weeden can at least find a playmate to marry like Couch did so they have something to look forward to.

10. I know the top three celebrations today were (in order) Jared Odrick' Pee Wee Herman, Nate Burleson's pregnant woman impression, and Jed Collins' hips don't lie. In any other week, these would be no brainer top choices but these dudes pulled out all the stops probably because none of the three ever has much to celebrate so they use their best material when they do.

11. I know the Packers will beat the Seahawks 24-19 tomorrow night. Seattle has the best homefield advantage in the NFL. Green Bay has the best player in the NFL. Take talent every time.

"11 Things I Know I Know" is my feeble attempt to trump the untrumpable's Peter King and his "10 Things I Think I Think" is my favorite article each week.

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