Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dayton Moore-on Needs To Be Fired

How does Dayton Moore still have a job? It's been over seven hours since this hit the wire:

Jeremy Guthrie.

$25 million American dollars.


That would be a terrible deal if the length of the contact was for the rest of Guthrie's career. Scratch that. That would be a terrible deal if the length of the contact was for the rest of Guthrie's life.

What exactly has Guthrie done to warrant this deal?

Was it his 55-77 career record? (Statheads can say what they want about wins and losses but being 22 games under .500 is significant)

Is it because he gives up more than a hit per innings?

Because he strikes out 5.4 batters per 9?

More likely, Dayton Moore cracked open baseball-reference.com and saw that at this age the pitcher Jeremy Guthrie most resembles is Tomo Ohka and figured if he didn't throw that kind of money at the Tomo Ohka 2.0 someone else would. 

Most likely of all though, Moore is paying Guthrie this obscene amount of money because of his 5-3 record in 14 starts after he was acquired from the Rockies for nothing on July 20th. Technically, it was an injured Jonathan Sanchez but this was a salary dump.

What a joke.

Let's look at Moore's resume. He took over in the middle of 2006 so I won't count those numbers when KC finished 62-100 that year. In the six complete years he has been the GM, the Royals have:

-never won more than 75 games
-never finished higher than 3rd in the division
-lost at least 90 games five times
-had three different coaches
-signed Gil Meche to one of the 10 worst contracts in Major League Baseball history
-started Jeff Francoeur in over 300 games

If the Glass family had any idea what was happening, they would fire Moore.

Two weeks ago, I tweeted this:

Dayton Moore thinks he got a bargain.


In unrelated news and just because I want to use some arbitrary endpoints, Bryan LaHair was designated for assignment today. Let's rewind five months to June 18th. Check out the stats of the two players I am talking about and tell me which one you would have guessed would be signing a $25m contract today:

LaHair: 187 AB, 13 HR, .299 BA, .380 OBP, .572 Slg
   One month later, LaHAir was named to the NL All-Star team
Guthrie: 3-6, 59 innings, 30 strikeouts, 7.02 ERA, .339 BAA, 1.033 OPS Against
   One month later, Guthrie was traded to the Royals for a bag of water-logged baseballs

LaHair's agent should call Dayton Moore immediately to ask for a multi-year deal.

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