Monday, December 31, 2012

The Best Quotes of 2012

5. “Take a picture with the kid who’s not taller than you!” - Mike Aviles to his Red Sox teammate Dustin Pedroia as they greeted a group of Little Leaguers before a game

4. “What the hell they gonna do? Play the Wii?” - Bart Scott discussing the Tim Tebow / Lolo Jones romance

3.“If I were a Marlins fan right now I’d be furious, wishing that I existed.” - Matt Sussman
2.“Phoenix Coyotes Pretend Homeless Drifters At Greyhound Bus Station Are Fans Welcoming Team Home.” - The Onion

1. “I’d love to see him back in my barn in a few months. But realistically, he’ll probably be seeing a lot of beautiful mares and smoking a lot of cigarettes.” - I'll Have Another trainer Doug O’Neill after his horse was scratched from the Belmont Derby

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