Thursday, September 5, 2013

College Football Picks: Week 2

True story: I was in Vegas last week and went to at least seven casinos looking for the moneyline on the Eastern Washington (+27) at Oregon State game. None would take my bet. Did EWU win outright? Of course they did. Now, I hit my +27 wager against the spread but a +1400 moneyline would have been a whole lot sweeter.

No complaining after a winning week though. Light week this week for now with the exception of my pick of the year.

Sam Houston State.

If there was ever a team that would get overlooked it's SHSU right here. Texas A&M is playing 'Bama next week and spending about 2% of their time focusing on an FCS team. No shot they lose here but 38.5 seems like a ton of points. This is the biggest game of the year for SHSU and probably the least important to A&M. SHSU is also ranked 4th in the nation and were national runner's up last year. They can play.

I'm wagering over 8x my normal wager on this one. The FCS has been good to me this year. I will never speak a bad word about the FCS if this one hits. [Note: I never speak a bad word right now, but I'll keep it that way if we cover.]

South Carolina +3: 2.5 units to win 2.5 units

Upset of the Week-Western Kentucky +13.5: 2.8 units to win 2.5 units
Pick of the Week- Notre Dame +4: 2.8 units to win 2.5 units
Pick of the Year- Sam Houston State +38.5: 22.0 units to win 20.0 units

Overall Record: 7-3 (+6.0 units)
Upset: 1-0
PoW: 1-0

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