Monday, January 5, 2009

NFL Mock Draft (Part I)

One man's best guess four months before the draft:

1. Detroit: Sam Bradford*, QB, Oklahoma - Where do we begin? Coming off an 0-16 season, the Lions can go in pretty much any direction here. If I were running the team, I would trade down to accumulate more picks. However, it's too soon to forecast trades so my guess is that Detroit will go after the best quarterback in the draft.

2. St. Louis: Andre Smith*, OT, Alabama - On Marc Bulger's behalf, I beg the Rams to take the bookend from Alabama. On irony's behalf, I beg the Rams to take him. It has been rumored that Smith was suspended for his team's bowl game because of inappropriate contact with an agent. Remember, this accusation was also made against the second overall pick in 2006, Reggie Bush.

3. Kansas City: Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas - After trading Jared Allen prior to the 2008 season, the Chiefs struggled to generate any consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Orakpo showed this season that he was the best defensive end in all of college football.

4. Seattle: Michael Crabtree*, WR, Texas Tech - Seattle has been looking for a solid, dependable wide receiver for years. Crabtree will be the best thing to happen to the city of Seattle since Kevin Durant was drafted by the Sonics. Hopefully, things turn out better for Seahawk fans.

5. Cleveland: Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest - The Browns' offense lacks consistency. The defense lacks almost everything. Curry, a playmaker, will help.

6. Cincinnati: Aaron Maybin*, DE, Penn State - Maybin was one of the most productive defensive linemen in the country. The Bengals can use the help.

7. Oakland: Jeremy Maclin*, WR, Missouri - Maclin, a player I discussed last week, is an explosive wideout who would provide a nice deep threat for JaMarcus Russell.

8. Jacksonville: Chris Wells*, RB, Ohio State - Wells would be a huge upgrade over Fred Taylor and in order to be dominant in the NFL, teams must have two backs. He would be the thunder to Maurice Jones Drew's lightning.

9. Green Bay: Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State - The Packers pass defense really struggled last year, and Jenkins solidified himself as the top corner in the nation with a great season.

10. San Francisco: Matthew Stafford*, QB, Georgia - If Stafford lasts until the 10th overall pick, the 49ers can thank Tyler Thigpen. Had Thigpen continued to struggle running Kansas City's offense, Stafford would be gone seven picks before this spot. Personally, I think the comparisons to John Elway are way off base. He never dominated the college game the way Mark Richt had hoped.

* = Underclassman, has not declared for draft thus far.

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