Sunday, January 4, 2009

Nine Predictions for '09

1. Cleveland will stand atop the sports world in 2009 as the Cavaliers and Indians win the NBA Title and World Series, respectively.

2. The Tennessee Titans will win the Super Bowl (although my bank account wouldn't mind seeing the Chargers or Vikings prove me wrong); the Montreal Canadiens will take home the Stanley Cup.

3. College championships will be won by the following teams:
-Football: Oklahoma Sooners (preview to come this week)
-Basketball: Pittsburgh Panthers
-Baseball: Vanderbilt Commodores

4. After Jeff Moorad's offer for the San Diego Padres falls through, a consortium led by a no-name blogger from New York will swoop in to purchase the team.

5. Oklahoma's Sam Bradford will be selected first overall by the Detroit Lions in April's NFL Draft (first Mock Draft to follow this week). Bradford will lead the Lions to at least as many victories as the team had in 2008, zero.

6. Brett Favre will retire. For good.

7. Matt Holliday will be the hottest name at the MLB Trading Deadline but will not get dealt. He will then be the most coveted free agent at year end (article to follow in the coming days).

8. ESPN will finally come to its senses and fire Stephen A. Smith. The sports world will rejoice as one.

9. Much to the chagrin of loyal reader georgekaplan, Shawn Kemp's name will not appear again in this blog during 2009.

This blog was created to form a medium of exchange where sports fans can share ideas, beliefs, and opinions. The creator has written for a number of websites and has appeared on ESPN Radio as an NFL Draft, MLB Trade Deadline and Fantasy Sports Analyst. He can be reached at

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