Thursday, June 11, 2009

NFL Wins – Over/Under

Last week, Bodog released it’s initial over/under lines.

Here are my five best bets:

Denver Over 7.5: The Broncos start with the Ohio sisters (Bengals and Browns); plus, they get four games against the Raiders and Chiefs. That's six games right there.

Miami Over 7: The Dolphins won 11 games last year. Vegas is expecting them to get four games worse? Why? Also, how can the Browns and Dolphins possibly have the same expected win totals? Makes no sense.

Jets Over 7: Sure, they will probably have a rookie starting under center, but has Vegas seen what Bo Ryan has done to this defense?

Chiefs Under 6: What has this team done to improve itself? Is Matt Cassel worth four wins by himself? I’m not buying.

Vikings Under 9: The team still has no quarterback of note, and I would double down if they sign Brett Favre.

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