Thursday, April 22, 2010

Burning Up the Bases - April 22, 2010

Five to Watch

Elvis Andrus, SS, Texas: After stealing only one base through the season's first two weeks, Elvis stole three on Tuesday night against Boston. Plus, it looks like he will bat atop the Texas lineup at least in the short term. Acquire him while you can.

Andrus ready to catch fire?

Andrew McCutchen, OF, Pittsburgh: McCutchen leads the league in stolen bases with seven. When trying to convince another owner to trade him to you, make sure you stress that McCutchen only has one RBI this year.

Evereth Cabrera, SS, San Diego: Like Andrus, Cabrera has minimal pop so he should be viewed as a three-category max guy. Be on the lookout for him on your waiver wire as I have seen him dropped for players like Edgar Renteria. If he's available snatch him up as he is really the only option the Padres have at the position.

Matt Kemp, OF, Los Angeles: Kemp, the most expensive option of these five, leads the league in one important stat: caught stealing. That means he is trying to steal often and his manager keeps giving him the green light. The more you try, the more you'll succeed (and likely, the more you will get caught).

Mike McCoy, 2B, Toronto: A short-term option until Aaron Hill returns, McCoy stole 40 bases in AAA last year. In leagues with one-game eligibility, he can start at shortstop as well.

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