Monday, August 16, 2010

Links on a Rainy Monday Night

-It's postings like this that will help generate sabermetric interest in football. Most amazing to me is that the play with the biggest positive WPA in Super Bowl history(!!!) - Warner to Fitzgerald - didn't lead to a victory.  [Advanced NFL Stats]
-Incredibly, the Bengals might pay Antonio Bryant over $8m to NEVER play for them. [NFL Network]
-Sorry Sam Bradford, a long year is about to get even longer. [NBC Sports]
-The Reds, one of my big winners this offseason, have come to terms with their top pick, Yasmani Grandal. Things continue to look rosy in Cincy. []
-Retweet of the Day from ESPN's Jayson Stark: "If Felix had won all his Criminally Unsupported Starts (pitcher goes 6+ IP but team scores 1 run or less while he was pitching) he'd be 19-3. Cliff Lee would be 17-1, Hamels 15-4, Johan 18-3"
-If convicted, the Pacers should cut him. Zero tolerance for this, Lance. [CBS Sports]
-I would REALLY prefer if this happened before October 30th. Do whatever it takes to swing a trade and fill the Garden, Donnie. [CBS Sports]

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