Monday, August 16, 2010

What I Would Do If I Ran The Mets' Organization

1- I would not sign Matt Harvey. Yes, Harvey was the #7 overall pick in this June's MLB Draft. However, he wants over-slot money and was abused at North Carolina last year (he threw 157 pitches in an April game). I am no expert, but to me, his arm action leaves a lot to be desired as seen hereBy not signing Harvey today, the Mets would receive the 9th pick in the 2011 Draft (assuming the D-backs do not sign Barrett Loux) which scouts have been raving about for two years. Couple that with the top-15 pick they will have by virtue of their position in the final standings this year, and the organization will be able to select two rocks upon which to build next June.

2- Beginning with the 2011 Draft, I would make a commitment to paying for the best amateur talent available. The Mets find themselves in the world's largest media market. Yet, they refuse to spend come draft time. Instead, they employ the method of overpaying "proven" players as free agents. This completely inefficient business model has failed miserably (see point 4).
3- I would do everything in my power to void the remaining years on K-Rod's contract. Jack Moore at Fangraphs has a nice summary of how this could actually work out well for the club although Rob Neyer has his doubts.


4- I would put Johan Santana, Jason Bay, and Carlos Beltran on waivers. If by chance one (or more) was claimed, I would allow the claiming team to have him (them). Let's look at the remaining commitments to these players remaining after this year:
Santana: 3 years, $77.5m
Bay: 3 years, $51m
Beltran: 1 year, $18.5m
The money "saved" by allowing the player(s) to be taken off the books could then be spent addressing point 2.
5- I would release Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo. Just cut bait already. These two are doing nothing for the franchise except clogging the 40-man.
The primary goal of these moves would be to field a competitive team led by Jose Reyes, David Wright, Jon Niese, and Mike Pelfrey in 2012 and beyond.

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