Saturday, October 23, 2010

NFL: Week 7 Picks

Turns out loyalty does pay as the Rams and Steelers rewarded my faith
in them. Guess what. We are going back to the well this week again
with the Rams.

I'm hoping to be on the correct side of five games that have a field
goal spread.

Miami +3 - The Big Ben Steelers are primed for a letdown. Dolphins
have quietly jumped out to a 3-2 record despite playing a solid
schedule thus far. They should be riding high after a huge road
victory in Green Bay last week.

Washington +3 - The Redskins are playing tough football while the
Bears look like a 4-2 mirage.

San Francisco -3 - With the monkey off their backs, the '9ers look
posied for a decent run. There's only one other team I would rather
bet against than the Panthers right now (Bills).

Best Bet: Atlanta -3 - The most curious line of the week. Cincy hasn't
done a thing this year while the Falcons (last week excluded) have
looked like the class of the NFC.

Upset: St. Louis +3 - The Bucs are not good. The Rams can be. Am I
going to the well one too many times?

Record: 16-13-1 (Best Bet: 4-2; Upset 2-3-1)

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