Saturday, December 11, 2010

NFL: Week 14 Picks

Browns +1 - Two huge factors in play here- 1) Jake Delhomme on the road, and 2) A team with two wins being favored. As much as it kills me to do, I think I have to take the point based on principal alone.
Dolphins +6 - As mentioned in last week's "11 Things," the Dolphins seem to play well after a loss. Plus, the Jets are in panic mode right now. I don't think they win outright, but I do think Miami keeps it close.
Cowboys +3.5 - Dallas has covered in all four games that Jason Garrett has been the head coach. They play hard for the guy, and it shows on the scoreboard.
Best Bet: Rams +10 - St. Louis can keep this game close. In Sam I trust. 
Upset: Seahawks +5.5 - As crazy as it sounds, if San Fran can win this game, they might (depending on the Rams-Saints outcome) be only a game back of the division lead. Unfortunately, the 49ers just aren't very good.
Record: 37-26-2 (Best Bet: 8-5; Upset 5-6-2)

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