Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week 14: 11 Things I Know I Know

1. I know the Jets are in deep deep sh!t. Mark Sanchez could not have looked worse than he has the last two weeks. While the defense has been solid (save last week's debacle), the offense has been stagnant. Brian Schottenheimer and crew need to go back to the drawing board and quickly as they travel to Pittsburgh and Chicago the next two weeks. Thankfully for them and all their fans, they have a two game cushion in the wild card.

2. I know that Sam Bradford made the biggest mistake of the day. With the Rams down eight and driving towards a score at the end of the first half, he threw an interception to Malcolm Jenkins which was returned for a score. Instead of a 14-13 or even 14-9 halftime score, the Saints led 21-6 going into the break. A chance blown. I still trust in Sam - and the Rams still lead the NFC West - but this one hurts. The loss coupled with the 49ers victory over the Seahawks means the three teams are only separated by a game. Meanwhile, the Saints have quietly won six games in a row. Hard to believe the defending Super Bowl champs could do anything quietly, but it's happened.

3. I know Jordan Shipley should take out a life insurance policy. Carson Palmer is giving Mark Sanchez a run for his money in the battle for worst quarterback play. He threw two interceptions that were returned for touchdowns and made countless awful reads that nearly got his receivers - Shipley in particular - killed.

4. I know luck matters as the Bucs can attest. A blown PAT allowed Tampa Bay to walk away with a 17-16 road victory at Washington. If either the Giants or Eagles lose, there will be a three-way tie for the final wild card spot in the NFC.

5. I know the Green Bay Packers have a brutal schedule (at New England, vs NYG, vs Chicago) compounding the potential problem of being without QB Aaron Rodgers for a while. Rodgers was concussed in today's loss against Detroit with no word of when he may return. Matt Flynn was forced into action and he too looked awful (notice the running theme of the week: the NFL has a talent shortage at the quarterback position). The loss was inexcusable.

6. I know the Chargers took care of business to save their season as expected. It was a dominant effort on both sides of the ball (total yards: 426-67) made a bit easier by the fact Brodie Croyle was playing quarterback for the Chiefs. San Diego is only a game out of first place in the AFC West. Had they lost, they would have been eliminated from playoff contention.

7. I know the Raiders choked away a golden opportunity. They too could have been a game behind the Chiefs (with all tiebreakers in their favor), but they could not hold either of the 10-point leads they had against Team Excitement (Jacksonville). Then after fighting back to tie the game at 31 with under two minutes to play, they allowed a monster kickoff return followed by a 30-yard touchdown run from MVP MJD. Oakland now finds themselves two games back and all but out of playoff contention. What a waste of a 200+ yard, three touchdown day from Run DMC. The win allowed the Jags to stay a game up on the Colts. Those two teams play in Indy on Sunday.

8. I know New England and Atlanta are the two best teams in the NFL. Both teams looked nearly unbeatable this week and will have home field advantage throughout the playoffs unless something unforeseen happens. Carolina fans can start purchasing their Andrew Luck jersies.

9. I know Jay Feely had a career day scoring 25 points, including his team's first 22 on five field goals, a rushing touchdown on a fake field goal, and an extra point. Decent day, Jay.

10. I know the Giants will beat the Vikings 38-34. The Giants catch a nice break with this game being played in Detroit as the fans figure to be rooting against the enemy Vikings.

11. I know the Ravens will beat the Texans 26-24. This game should not be close, but Monday Night Football has a way of bringing out the best in underdogs. I think the Texans ride the wave of the crowd to make things interesting.

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