Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Podcast Recap

For those that missed last night's podcast, it can be found and downloaded here on iTunes.

Overall, it was a good learning experience. The Tri-State Sports Guys were an enjoyable group, and I appreciate Ken Davidoff taking the time to come on air.

We made a number of predictions which will be fun to track throughout the year.

Ken's Prediction: "Michael Young will get 550+ at-bats with the Rangers."

Mike S: Adrian Beltre
O: Adrian Gonzalez
Mike D: Joe Mauer

Mike S: Albert Pujols
O: Ryan Howard
Mike D: Pujols

AL Cy Young
Mike S: John Danks
O: CC Sabathia
Mike D: David Price

NL Cy Young
Mike S: Josh Johnson
O: Zack Greinke
Mike D: Adam Wainwright - First, there was the Madden cover cure. Now, are we looking at new curse on horizon? Only eight hours after Mike D selected Wainwright to win NL Cy, he might be headed under the knife. Not good.

Win Totals (Over/Under)
Mets: 78.5

Mike S: Under
O: Over
Mike D: Over

Yankees: 91.5

Mike S: Under
O: Under
Mike D: Under

World Series Champ

Mike S: White Sox
O: Red Sox
Mike D: Red Sox

Next show: March 22 at 10pm.


  1. Craig's prediciton: Josh Johnson will not be an all star

  2. Damn! If I knew I had these powers I would have gone another way. I change my prediction to a tie: Halladay/Lee!!!