Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February Fantasy Football Draft

It's been almost three weeks since the last meaningful football game of the season, and that is entirely too long to go without the sport.

To combat the withdrawal, we set up an 8-team, fantasy football draft which will be broken into four days.

Basic Yahoo! rules with 16 roster spots - QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, W/R/T, W/R/T, TE, K, Def, Bench, Bench, Bench, Bench, Bench

First day results:

Round One

1. Jimmy: Arian Foster, RB, Houston
2. Craig: Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota
3. Rizzo: Chris Johnson, RB Tennessee
4. Ricky: Jamaal Charles, RB, Kansas City
5. Tri-State Sports: Andre Johnson WR, Houston
6. TheSportsBanter: Ray Rice, RB, Baltimore
7. Larry: Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Pitt
8. Adam: Michael Turner, RB, Atlanta

Biggest Reach: Foster. The guy went undrafted out of college two years ago. Now he’s the #1 pick in a fantasy draft? Oh, and he's also coming off knee surgery.
Best Pick: Johnson.

Round Two

1. Adam: Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay
2. Larry: LeSean McCoy, RB, Philadelphia
3. TheSportsBanter: Frank Gore, RB, San Francisco
4. Tri-State Sports: Mike Vick, QB, Philadelphia
5. Ricky: Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, Jacksonville
6. Rizzo: Tom Brady, QB, New England
7. Craig: Darren McFadden, RB, Oakland
8. Jimmy: Calvin Johnson, WR, Detroit

Biggest Reach: Vick.

Best Pick: Gore. Are you kidding me? The guy should be up for consideration with the top four picks.

Round Three

1. Jimmy: Hakeem Nicks, WR, New York
2. Craig: Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis
3. Rizzo: Roddy White, WR, Atlanta
4. Ricky: Steven Jackson, RB, St. Louis
5. Tri-State Sports: Peyton Hillis, RB, Cleveland
6. TheSportsBanter: Greg Jennings, WR, Green Bay
7. Larry: Jonathan Stewart, RB, Carolina
8. Adam: Mike Wallace, WR, Pittsburgh

Biggest Reach: Stewart. Unless you have hope that Jimmy Clausen is good, this is a wasted pick.

Best Pick: White. I can’t believe he was the fourth WR taken. He is The. Best. Wide. Receiver. In. The Game.

Round Four

1. Adam: Reggie Wayne, WR, Indianapolis
2. Larry: Matt Forte, RB, Chicago
3. TheSportsBanter: DeSean Jackson, WR, Philadelphia
4. Tri-State Sports: Dwayne Bowe, WR, Kansas City
5. Ricky: Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona
6. Rizzo: BenJarvus Green-Ellis, RB, New England
7. Craig: Knowshon Moreno RB, Denver
8. Jimmy: Ryan Mathews, RB, San Diego

Biggest Reach: BJGE. When was the last time the Pats had a dominant running back fantasy-wise? Plus, Danny Woodhead is around and they will likely target a power back in the draft. Recipe for disaster...unless you are any other team in this league.

Best Pick: Fitzgerald. If the Cardinals can get a half-decent quarterback, Ricky got a first round talent, three rounds later.

Rankings after Day 1:

1. TheSportsBanter: Rice, Gore, Jennings, Jackson - No weaknesses
2. Ricky: Charles, Jones-Drew, Jackson, Fitzgerald - All falls on MJD
3. Rizzo: Brady, Johnson, Green-Ellis, White - Loved it until the law firm selection
4. Craig: Manning, Peterson, McFadden, Moreno - Solid across the board
5. Jimmy: Foster, Mathews, C. Johnson, Nicks - Whole lot of reaching
6. Adam: Rodgers, Turner, Wallace, Wayne - Boring
7. Larry: Mendenhall, McCoy, Stewart, Forte - Stewart = overdraft, Forte = about to fall apart
8. Tri-State Sports: Vick, Hillis, Johnson, Bowe - Love Johnson, hopeful for Vick, can't trust a KC wideout or a white running back

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