Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quick Thoughts

*Love the Melo deal for both teams. Knicks lost a bunch of depth but Mike D'Antoni only plays seven guys anyway. If Amare can hold up, this team can win a round or maybe even two in the postseason.

Denver got enough in return not to throw this season away, but over the long term losing Anthony is not a good thing for this franchise.

*Love the Deron deal for the Nets ... right now. If he bolts for free agency after next year, they will look foolish. It's much easier to convince a guy you have to stay than to woo an outsider especially when your franchise is in the shambles the Nets are.

*I want to get excited about the Kendrick Perkins deal from the Thunder's perspective, but I think they could have done better (see: Camby, Marcus).

*Steal of deadline day: Portland getting Gerald Wallace in exchange for some expiring contacts, a few towels, and two first round picks. Great deal for the Blazers since Wallace is fairly compensated (2 years, $22m after this season).

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