Wednesday, June 22, 2011

NBA Draft Thoughts

With the new job and a recent vacation, I'm not sure if I will have time to do a full (my partial first round mock can be found here) NBA Mock Draft. In the interim, here are some things that I want to see happen in relation to Thursday's festivities:

1. I would like to see one team draft the Morris twins... and Darius Morris. The most likely candidate: Charlotte. The Bobcats pick 9th, 19th, and 39th and this scenario isn't completely out of the question.

Maybe with these three, Bobcats fans (if they exist) would show up.

2. I would like to see Cleveland select Kyrie Irving... and Derrick Williams. Some crazy things would have to transpire, but again, this too could happen.

3. I would like to see Chad Ford get some sleep. He's already six mock drafts deep with a seventh due out on Thursday.

4. I would like see the Knicks draft either Kemba Walker, Jimmer Fredette, or Klay Thompson. It will likely take a trade by Donnie Walsh (what does he care about the future, this is his last draft anyway) but the New York faithful will be thrilled... at least until they see their 50% increase in season ticket prices.

5. I would like to see the Rockets get "the best value available" with each of their picks and still miss the playoffs. Of all scenarios on this list, I have the most confidence in this one.

6. I would like to see the OKC Thunder make a move for a proven veteran. They don't need to plan for the future anymore. They have enough young talent with KD, Westbrook, Serge, and Harden. I'm not sure who exactly the target should be, but GM Sam Presti is creative.

7. I would like to see the Wizards draft Enes Kanter. I think he and John Wall can build something special in DC. Kanter is the top rated player on my board.

8. I would like to see local superstar Charles Jenkins get picked in the first round (Celtics, Bulls?).

Other thoughts:

-Irving is the top ranked player on almost everyone's board, but what would Minnesota do if he slipped past the Cavs at number one?

-Jan Vesely shot 44% from the free throw line last year. Good luck with that team wasting a top-10 pick on him.

-Over/under on seniors taken in the first round: 4.5 (I'm taking the under).

-I'm a JaJuan Johnson believer. He's a poor man's Marcus Camby.

-Wisconsin F/C Jon Leuer would be a perfect second round pick for the hometown Bucks.

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