Sunday, August 21, 2011

4 Dumbest Thing Greg Buttle Said During the First Half

Per his Wikipedia page, Greg Buttle was a linebacker for the New York Jets after an All-American career at Penn State. Nowhere on the site does it say he's a good - or even halfway decent - broadcaster of NFL games. In fact, after listening to just one half of his color commentary during tonight's Jets-Bengals preseason game, I would put him among the worst broadcasters I have heard in recent memory.

He reminds me of Matt Millen.

Without further ado, here are the four dumbest things he said in the first half:

4. I lost confidence for a few minutes during my career. - A poor attempt at self-deprecation.

3. If you are a Bengal or a Jet, you need to catch the football. - This came after a benign dropped pass by a Bengals wide receiver. I think he missed hearing himself speak.

2. Anyone coming out of prison would have some rust, but Plax is a different beast. - He said this after Plaxico had made one catch in a preseason game.

1. That was a reception except his feet weren't in bounds. - This gem came after a receiver barely got one foot in while the other landed five feet out of bounds.

This guy is getting more brutal by the minute.

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