Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trade That Makes Sense: Jets-Cardinals Edition

Proposed Deal:
Jets trade RB Joe McKnight to the Cardinals for a 4th Round Pick

Why the Jets make this trade

-Danny Woodhead and Leon Washington. The Jets (essentially) traded Leon for McKnight back at the 2009 Draft. Then the Jets chose to keep McKnight over Woodhead the following season after training camp. They need to recoup some value after those two roster gaffes.

-Bilal Powell is capable of being the third back on this team. With LT and Shonn Greene as a solid 1-2 combo, Powell doesn't need to be a game-changer. He just needs to be a dependable ball carrier with safe hands.

Could a change of scenery unlock potential for McKnight?
Probably couldn't hurt.

Why the Cards make this trade

-Backup running back and 2011 2nd round pick Ryan Williams was lost for the season with an injury in Friday night's preseason game

-McKnight is unpolished and unproven but has tremendous potential (he was the #1 high school recruit in 2007; Beanie Wells was the #1 high school recruit in 2006)

-If things fail at running back, McKnight can give defensive back a shot. According to the Jets coaching staff, McKnight has the talent to be a nickel back right now. Given time, he could grow into more than that.

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