Thursday, September 8, 2011

NFL: Week 1 Picks

Each week, I will be making exactly five picks against the spread. I wanted to participate in the Las Vegas Hilton’s SuperContest but could not find a proxy that I trusted to hand deliver my picks each week. Maybe, one day I’ll move to LV, but until then I’ll see how I would have done.

Rams +5 - The Eagles may look like some sort of Dream Team on paper, but I need to see it to believe it. Sam Bradford is in for a big year and I think he starts his sophomore season with a bang.

Titans +3 - Releasing your starting quarterback four days before Week 1 makes less sense than me trying to make it as a model: none. Gimme the points.

Seahawks +5 - With their putrid offense, the 49ers should not be more than a field goal favorite over any team in the NFL at this point.

Cardinals -7 - The Kevin Kolb era starts with a bang against a team that will be lucky to win three games this year. Welcome to the NFL, Mr. Newton.

Redskins +3 - This is more a bet against an injury-depleted Giants team than a bet on the Rex Grossman led ‘Skins but the crowd will be insane.

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