Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where Have You Gone, Ike?

On May 10th, Mets 1B Ike Davis sprained his ankle when he collided with 3B David Wright while trying to catch an infield pop up. This was not a full speed collision. The two were camped under the ball and bumped into each other near the pitcher’s mound.


David Wright to the 15-day DL

Ike Davis: out for the year

Ike was mashing before the injury: 7 homers, .302 BA, .383 OBP, .543 Slugging…and then he was gone. Not only did Davis miss the rest of 2011, but now sources (hopefully these sources are more reliable than the completely inept Mets training staff) are hinting Davis might not even be ready for the start of 2012.

Please tell me this is some kind of cruel joke.

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  1. Seriously. I thought Morneau was being a little girl last year with the concussion symptoms from when he was injured July 7th and out for the year. Ruined my fantasy team. But Ike Davis is like a walking pane of glass. Out for the year for rolling your ankle and maybe not ready 11 months later? That's got to be a joke.