Sunday, October 16, 2011

11 Things I Know I Know: Week 6

This will be an abbreviated version as I'm working on no sleep, feel under the weather, and don't get paid for doing this like my boy Peter King.

1. I know the San Francisco 49ers will clinch the NFC West by Week 12. It's feasible they could rest their starters for a month before the playoffs.

The '9ers follow the lead of their head coach. It's clear they want to win, badly.

2. I know the Packers are the class of the NFL. If the defense holds opponents to less than 20 points, I can't see this team losing. By the way, the Rams are averaging a pathetic 9.9 points per week. As good as Green Bay is, that's how bad St. Louis is.

3. I know the AFC South has lost a combined 14 straight games (Colts-6, Jaguars-5, Texans-2, Titans-1) and as a division they have one less win than the NFC West(8-7). There are some bad football teams in this division.

4. I know the Eagles saved their season today. They are only two games out of first place in the NFC East and roll into their bye with some positive momentum for the first time all season.

5. I know the Giants looked good but need a revamping of their secondary. They too head into their bye with great momentum.

6. I know all teams with Week 7 byes won today (one exception was Buffalo but they played the Giants who are also heading into the bye).

7. I know Cam Newton failed to cover for the first time which means betting against the Panthers is now an option.

Dude is human after all.

8. I know the Cowboys wasted a golden opportunity to knock off the Pats in Foxboro. They would have been a game out of first with a win. Wasn't to be.

9. I know that as of this writing only one team in Week 6 reached the 30-point mark. I'll need to confirm with my buds over at Elias, but that seems like a crazily low number. So much for the overs crushing it this year. Overs went 2-9 today in the 1pm and 4pm games combined. Reversion to the mean or a fluke? I'll guess the former.

10. I know you tune in for NFL thoughts, but here are my initial BCS thoughts:

a) Clemson might crash this party. The Tigers have a realistic shot of finishing the regular season undefeated with their toughest remaining game being a road trip to South Carolina on November 26th. They would then likely face Virginia Tech or Georgia Tech in a rematch in the ACC Title game. They'll need some help with upsets ahead of them, but they could be this year's Auburn.

b) Kansas State is getting plenty of love from the computers (average ranking of 7th), but they have a buzzsaw upcoming month beginning on October 29th: vs Oklahoma, at Oklahoma State, vs Texas A&M, at Texas. Let's talk if they survive that quartet.

c) Penn State is not a good football team. It speaks volumes about the rest of the talent level of the rest of the country that they are in the BCS top 25. Just watch them for a quarter and tell me they have any shot of being a top 10 team. You will not be able to.

d) Next week's slate of games is pretty awful. I guess the game of the week is Wisconsin at Michigan State. Blah. After that though, almost every week for the rest of the season will feature a matchup of top-10 teams. Oklahoma-Kansas State (October 29), Alabama-LSU (November 5), Oregon-Stanford (November 12), Clemson-South Carolina (November 26). It's going to be a great finish, as always.

11. I know the Jets will win on MNF, 24-21. For more details, click here.

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