Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sometimes, Being a Sports Fan Sucks

And this is absolutely one of those times.

I'm 28 years old. In my conscious sports fandom - basically since I was five years old - none of my favorite teams in any of the major sports has won their respective title. I have never been able to enjoy a championship, and it sucks.

Mets: Came closest in 2000 when they lost to the hated Yankees in the World Series. Should have won ithe World Series in 2006, but choked in the NLCS. Figure to be the worst team in the NL East for the next few years. Outlook: Dim for the next four least.

Jets: Have not reached the Super Bowl in my lifetime. Lost in the AFC title game in each of the previous two seasons. Internal quarrels threaten to crumble the current team. Franchise quarterback turns out to be a fraud. Outlook: Dim for the next couple years.

Knicks: Lost 1994 and 1999 NBA Finals. Haven't won a playoff series since 2001.  I purchased season tickets last year in the hopes they could sign LeBron. They didn't but made playoffs anyway.  After being eliminated in the first round and throwing way too much money at Tyson Chandler, the Knicks decided to increase prices by 50% for this season.  I declined to renew. Outlook: Dim for the next couple years.

Islanders: Perennial doormat of the Eastern Conference. Haven't won a playoff series since 1993. Outlook: Dim for the next four least.

Not only do my teams perform poorly, but the teams I despise have been INCREDIBLE over this same timeframe.

The Yankees have won five World Series titles. The Giants have won two Super Bowls and might win a third this season, and the Patriots won three as well. Even the Rangers broke a 54-year Stanly Cup drought in 1994.

 Am I jealous? Absolutely.

Things are just not looking bright for me. However, I'm going to spin this into a positive.

We all know when things are going badly, they usually go very badly. Based on the rankings of "how awful the Super Bowl would be if this ended up being the matchup" I will be able to determine who will win this weekend. 

Acceptable:  Ravens-49ers - The Harbaugh brother talk would get repetitive and boring but it will be easy to change the channel and/or simply tune it out. Chances of this matchup occurring: 10%.

Bad: Ravens-Giants / Patriots-49ers - In either of these scenarios, one of my despised teams would likely be favored.  Chances of one of these matchup occurring: 50%.

Downright Awful: Patriots-Giants - A rematch of the 2008 Super Bowl would pit my least favorite teams in the sport against each other in a no-win game for me. Chances of this matchup occurring: 40%.

Gimme the Pats and the Giants this weekend.  Fate wouldn't have it any other way.


A couple more NFL thoughts:

-Best thing that could have happened to the New Orleans Saints this offseason occurred this week: Gregg Williams took another job.  I have no idea why this guy is a desired coaching commodity. If someone could explain it, I would appreciate it.

-Apparently, the Jaguars didn't watch the Falcons stink up the joint offensively in their playoff game two weeks ago in New York because they decided to hire Atlanta's offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey to be their next head coach. Expect a lot of QB sneaks in Jacksonville over the next two which point MM will either be fired or this team will be in LA.

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