Monday, April 2, 2012

Finally, I'm Back, and It Feels Good

Big ups to my brother-in-law Matt for fixing my computer issues this weekend. Between work being busy, an apartment move, and a dead computer, my posts went from infrequent to nonexistent. Now that the PC is good to go, and we are situated in the new digs, I hope to post more often.  

The Tebow Trade

I love the Tim Tebow trade. To me, there are four potential reasons for making this deal (ranked in order of likelihood):

1) Wildcat / Special Package Guy: The Jets might actually think he could be useful running the Wildcat, playing H-back, or serving as a decoy.He makes their offense better by doing any of those things. The Jets missed Brad Smith last season running the Wildcat so maybe Tebow can fill that void. We know his arm cannot be trusted, but assuming he's not asked to throw the ball, his addition will be beneficial to this offense.

2) A challenger to Mark Sanchez: If Sanchez can't handle a little heat and some boos, he's not a franchise quarterback. Plain and simple. Great players rise to challenges. It's time for GQ Mark to prove to the New York faithful that he can be our man. If he's not, it's a little more comforting handing the reins to Tebow rather than the ageless Mark Brunell.

3) A marketing ploy: Even if this deal was made just to make some money and garner a whole bunch of headlines, it's brilliant. The crosstown Giants just won the Super Bowl and six weeks later everyone is talking about the Jets, not the champs. Brilliant.

4) It's comforting to have Jesus around:Always good to have some help from upstairs.

I personally don't know which of these factors set them over the edge to pull the trigger, and as a Jets fan, I don't care. They are all good things for the franchise, and the deal cost almost nothing to accomplish.

Arizona Trip

My wife and I went to Arizona for a long weekend, and it turned out to be one of the greatest four day stretches of my life. We got to Phoenix on Thursday at noon. 

Twenty minutes later, I met Dave Winfield in the airport.

A few hours later we were enjoying the Sweet 16. Louisville, in their bright orange uniforms, pulled the upset over top-seeded Michigan State. The game was a bit of a snoozer, but the atmosphere was awesome. We then witnessed Bradley Beal coming of age against Marquette in Florida's upset. I had never been to the NCAA Tourney and it lived up to the billing.

The actual reason we went westward was for good friend and loyal reader Brian Morley's wedding was incredible. Weather was perfect for the outdoor wedding, food was great, and the drinks were flowing. We also got to see an old pal getting his groove on (sorry for my shaky camerawork):

On Sunday, we went to the Salt River Fields at Talking Stick to watch the Rockies take on the Reds in Sprint Training action. The complex is among the nicest I've ever seen, and the crowd was jam-packed into the stadium. Over 12,000 people witnessed the game, which was just shy of the attendance to the Sweet 16 on Thursday.

Hunger Games

Nothing I hate more than someone ruining a movie for me so I won't do that for you by getting into plot lines and spoilers but here are a few thoughts:

-Despite having read none of the books in the series I enjoyed this movie a lot.
-To me, it was a perfect combination of one of my favorite movies (Apocalypto) and one by favorite short stories (The Lottery by Shirley Jackson).
-Elizabeth Banks looks good no matter what costume she's in.
-I recommend seeing it if you have not done so already.

NCAA Title Prediction

Kentucky 77, Kansas 72

MLB predictions will be posted Wednesday morning.

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