Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MLB Preview

Every year when I do my predicted standings article, I go through the exercise without doing the math of calculating how many games there are to be won just to see where I come out. With 30 teams each playing 162 games, there are only 2,430 wins and 2,430 losses to be had. This year before my adjustments, I had the teams finishing a combined 120 games under .500 (2,370-2,490).

I am not exactly optimistic about many teams this year, and that lack of optimism begins with my favorite team, the New York Mets. In all my years of fandom - let's call it 25 years to be safe - I cannot remember being less excited about the potential for success in Flushing. The fact Johan is starting on Opening Day is a small consolation at least, but the pieces just aren’t here to compete. In what figures to be a long season for me, here are my predictions:

*Projected Standings           
    NYY    92    70
    TB    89    73
    Tor    88    74
    Bos    86    76
    Bal    64    98
    Det    92    70
    Min    78    84
    KC    76    86
    CWS    75    87
    Cle    73    89
    LAA    94    68
    Tex    90    72
    Oak    71    91
    Sea    70    92
    Wash    87    75
    Mia    85    77
    Phi    85    77
    Atl    85    77
    NYM    74    88
    Cin    91    71
    StL    85    77
    Mil    85    77
    Chi    78    84
    Pit    74    88
    Hou    52    110
    SD    87    75
    Ari    85    77
    SF    85    77
    Col    77    85
    LAD    77    85
*I think the idea of adding a fifth playoff was poorly planned. It took until March to decide whether or not it was even going to happen. These things should not be rushed. It would serve MLB right if seven teams tied for the final two playoff spots. Good luck figuring out those tiebreakers.       

*I'm riding the San Diego Padres as my sleeper team this year. They are currently 25-1 to win the NL West which seems like a steal since none of the other four teams in the division scares me. 
    Wildcard Play-ins       
        TB over Texas   
        Miami over Arizona   
    First Round       
        LAA over TB   
        Det over NYY   
        Cin over Mia   
        Wash over SD   
    Second Round       
        LAA over Det   
        Cin over Wash   
    World Series       
        LAA over Cin   

    AL MVP: Jose Bautista, Tor       
    AL Cy Young: Justn Verlander, Det       
    NL MVP: Joey Votto, Cin       
    NL Cy Young: Adam Wainwright, StL

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