Sunday, September 9, 2012

11 Things I Know I Know: Week 1

Abbreviated version. Child care got in the way.

1. I know RGIII is the real deal. It took less than a quarter to squash any Ryan Leaf/second pick of the draft bust chatter. He looked in complete control of the offense, and the game in general, from the start and Redskins fans finally (FINALLY!) have their man under center. He's easy to root for, his teammates love him, and he just looks like a great dude. Something everyone in DC can agree upon.

By the way, as cool as RGIII is, that's how diametrically opposite of cool Saints punter/kickoff specialist Tom Morestead's pony/rat tail is.

Are you serious with that weak sauce, Morestead?
 2. I know Alex Smith looked better than Aaron Rodgers on Sunday. Read that again. Shocking but true.

Also, San Francisco's backup QB Colin Kaepernick looks identical to Nomar Garciaparra in a helmet. Check it out.

3. I know the Lions saved their season - yes, their season, with a comeback win against the Rams. In order for this team to go deep into the playoffs, they need homefield advantage. Absolutely need to have it. QB Matt Stafford looked shaky in the first half but seemed to settle in after the half and put the team on his back in the last two minutes. It wasn't pretty, but a win's a win. Stafford leads the Lions into San Fran to face Smith and the 49ers next week.

4. I know Matt Ryan looked great, but the Chiefs were missing their best cornerback, Brandon Flowers, and pass-rusher, Tamba Hali. Before you get your panties in a bunch, let's watch him against a team with a stout defense - like Denver in Week 2. Julio Jones has officially surpassed Roddy White as Matty Ice's target of choice too.

5. I know my outlook on the Browns and Jets season openers was spot on. I just didn't know Brandon Weeden would be so terrible.

Here's what I wrote about Cleveland:

Back in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Browns made a concerted effort to improve a defense that finished in the bottom 10 the prior season by using their top two picks on Phil Taylor and Jabaal Sheard. It worked.  Cleveland’s defense finished in the top 10 of yards allowed and the top 5 in points allowed which is an impressive feat since their offense was flat out terrible (13.6 points per game). In this year’s draft, the Browns used their top three picks (all in the top 37 overall) on the offensive side of the ball, Trent Richardson-Brandon Weeden-Mitchell Schwartz. Then, they grabbed WR Josh Gordon in the supplemental draft over the summer. Will it make a difference? I’m guessing it will be enough to make their offense average, which is a huge improvement. I’m also guessing that Philly will be looking past this game a little bit knowing that six of their next seven opponents have a legit chance of reaching the playoffs this season. Michael Vick might be “healthy” coming into the game, but he was knocked out of both preseason games with injuries. He’s also a glorified running back (with a hose piece) and running backs don’t tend to age well after they hit 30. He’s 32. I might look like a fool, but I’m all in on the Browns this week (also crossing my fingers that Joe Haden's suspension gets overturned).

And the Jets:

If home field is worth 3 points in the NFL, I have to think the Jets are the better team straight up. Throw preseason numbers out the window. They do not matter. Now, I don’t think the Wildcat is going to revolutionize this Jets offense, but there’s no way they can be as bad as they were over the last month. Plus, this team will rely on its defense to win ballgames and the offense not to screw things up too badly.  New York has also won seven of the last eight against the Bills, including two wins by a total of 20 points last season. Is Mario Williams a great player? Absolutely, but I don’t think he’s enough to swing the scales.

6. I know Ryan Tannehill and Russell Wilson will not be starting by Week 8.

7. I know that the RedZone Channel is the best thing to happen to my football watching experience since the yellow first down marker. Holy crap, it's great. Can't say enough good things about it. Scott Hanson does a really nice job in the studio and always finishes stories he starts even if it takes a few minutes and is separated by a few other look-ins. No commercial, constant football watching is incredible. If you don't have the RZC, go change your cable provider.

8. I know the non-QB MVP this week was Vikikngs K Blair Walsh who hit a 55-yard field goal to force overtime. Temendous job.

9. I know for all the talk of how terrible the replacements refs would be, they did a good enough job to be a non-issue in Week 1 and hopefully will never ne heard from again.

10. I know the most disappointing team of the week was the Carolina Panthers. If you want respect, you need to beat teams like Tampa Bay no matter the location. (Green Bay at least lost to a solid football team.)

11. I know the Ravens will win 24-14, and the Chargers will win 27-17 on Monday Night Football. I also know that I love the NFL's new schedule of having a midweek game every week for the first four months of the season. We only have to wait until Thursday for more games.

"11 Things I Know I Know" is my feeble attempt to trump the untrumpable's Peter King and his "10 Things I Think I Think" is my favorite article each week.

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