Wednesday, September 4, 2013

11 Things I Know I Know: Bold Fantasy Predictions Edition

1. I know AP will not finish the season as a top-8 RB. I told you this was the bold edition. Two major factors working in my favor: Christian Ponder (opponents have no reason not to play eight in the box vs. the Vikes) and the injury risk of the running back position.

[Side note: Steele is about 100,000x cooler of a last name than Ponder. If I'm Sam Steele, no way I agree to change my name.]  

Teams that will feature a player with more fantasy points: Tampa Bay, Philly, Baltimore, New York (Giants), New England, Washington, Cleveland, and Chicago.

2. I know DeAngelo Williams will finish the year as a top-12 RB. Jon Stewart is out for at least the first six weeks, and I have to think the Panthers want to limit the hits Cam Newton takes so I'm thinking his rush attempts will be down this year. The opportunities will present themselves to DAW. He will take advantage.

3. I know Vick Ballard will lead the Colts in at least 500 yards. Andrew Luck will be second on the team. I do not trust Ahmad Bradshaw's feet.

4. I know Emmanuel Sanders will lead the AFC in receiving yardage. Opportunities will be there with Mike Wallace gone and teams will be keying on Antonio Brown, at least early in the year.

5. I know Matthew Stafford will be a top-2 QB finishing behind only Drew Brees. Reggie Bush adds another dimension to this passing attack, I have had a mancrush on Ryan Broyles since his OU days, and the Scheffler-Pettigrew tight end combo is lethal in the red zone. And oh yea, Calvin still dons the blue and silver.

I'm depending on this guy's right arm to win me a few fantasy titles.

6. I know no Denver RB will finish in the top-25. Montee Ball, Ronnie Hillman, and Knowshon Moreno will all cancel each others' fantasy usefulness out with 600 yard a piece.  

7. I know Stepfan Taylor will be the best rookie RB. Rashard Mendenhall is not making it out of Week 4. Ryan Williams might be released any day. The guy I'm most worried about taking carries from Taylor in AZ is actually Andre Ellington. I'm really bummed first ronder Jon Cooper was lost for the year, but the Cards are my 2013 sleeper anyway.  

8. I know Desean Jackson will be a top-7 WR. Isn't Chip Kelly's offense perfectly designed for guys like Desean? I'm excited to watch what this offense can do in Philly.  

9. RG III will play in all 16 games for the Redskins. Draft with confidence.

10. I know Tavon Austin will be the third best wide receiver on his own team behind Chris Givens and Brian Quick. Maybe we'll even have some Stedman Bailey sightings.  

11. I know Marshawn Lynch will not be a top-12 RB. I think the Seahawks will work Robert Turbin and Christine Michael into the mix eating away at Skittles' numbers. 

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