Thursday, September 5, 2013

11 Things I Know I Know: Season Preview Edition

1. I know the eight division winners will be the: Patriots, Steelers, Texans, Broncos, Giants, Lions, Panthers, and 49ers.

2. I know the four Wildcard winners will be the: Bengals, Ravens, Redskins, and Packers.

3. I know Cam Newton will win the league MVP.

4. I know EJ Manuel will win Offensive Rookie of the Year.

5. I know Star Lotulelei will win Defensive Rookie of the Year. I love the Star-Luke Keuchly combo.

6. I know the following teams will hit the Over on wins: Patriots (11), Texans (10.5), and Cardinals (5.5).

7. I know the following teams will hit the Under on wins: Broncos (10.5), Falcons (10), and Colts (8.5).

8. I know the Jets will start 3-1, get everyone's hopes up in New York, and then lose their last 12 games to secure the top pick in he 2014 NFL Draft.

9. I know the Cardinals will be the most pleasant surprise in the NFL.

10. I know the Seahawks will be the league's most disappointing team.

11. I know the Texans will beat the Packers to win the Super Bowl.

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