Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Links

-Buster Olney blog. [ESPN Insider; password required]
-Pat Andriola at it again with WAR jumps and falls. [Fangraphs]
-Self-absorbed, yes, but at least he does nice things for people. [NFP]
-Another day, another recognizable name cut from the UFL: Andre Woodson. [Lost Lettermen]
-Andrew Brandt's Friday News and Notes. [NFP]
-For the first time in a while, an entertaining Bill Simmons article. I really liked the Cutler blurb although it's a recycled bit of his. [ESPN]
-Dave Berri at it again: 2009-10's most underrated scorers. [Wages of Wins]
-Two entertaining Deadspin links: Jimmy Connors '91 US Open and Kelly Johnson getting Punk'd.
-A link to more links. []
Enjoy the three-day weekend.
BC 9/3/2010

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