Thursday, January 26, 2012

Upcoming Potential Blog Topics / Food for Thought

Work has been incredibly busy over the last few weeks and clearly this blog has suffered. I'm not sure if I can hit all of these topics, but here are some questions I hope to answer in some upcoming posts:

-Is this legal with the new playoff OT rules in the NFL: the team receiving the opening kick drives down the field and converts a field goal. On the ensuing kickoff, can that team kick the ball out of their own end zone for a safety and end the game? 

-How does Gregg Williams have a job?

-Why are left-handed starting pitchers so revered?

-John Lannan is in line for a $5m / season contract. Where did I go wrong? (Answering the previous question might help here.)

-If Sandy Alderson knew he wasn't going to re-sign Jose Reyes, why didn't he trade him when he had value before the deadline in July?

-Same question as previous, just replace "Jason Isringhausen" for Jose Reyes.

-Can Andrew Luck possibly live up to this hype?

-Are the Tigers really that good? Last I checked, Delmon Young is still penciled into the 5-spot of the lineup.

-Can we start calling Ponzi schemes by a new name: Boras schemes?

-Did you know my three favorite prospects in the 2012 NFL Draft are Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon, and Brandon Boykin?

-Could James Dolan be any dumber? I love the fact that Time Warner is refusing to broadcast MSG. The only thing worth watching is the Knicks, and they are terrible right now. JD loses more leverage with every loss.

-How do you pass the time when your fantasy basketball team has been eliminated less than a month into the season?

-How long until a young American baseball player moves to the Dominican Republic, gains citizenship there, and signs for a lot more money than he would have gotten in the draft?

-Does T Rowe Price know the answers to the ridiculous questions they ask during their commercials? Does Southwest realize how stupid their flag-throwing baggage fee refs are? Can Pepsi Max never make another commercial?

-Does anyone know who Bruce Ellington is?

-How could I get fooled by Patrick Witt?

-Is Syracuse really going to fall apart without Fab Melo, a player that was laughably terrible last year when I saw him play live at the Garden? Remember this when filling out your brackets in March.

-More of a request than a question: Peyton, can you please not be Brett Favre II. If it's time to go, just ride off into the sunset.

-I don't care how bad AJ Burnett is. If the Yankees are willing to eat 90+% of his contract, why won't anyone take him? A team like the Padres or Mariners with huge ballparks couldn't use this guy?


  1. Another possibility: if the NFL for some reason decided to start over and redraft every team from scratch using the current pool of NFL and college players, what would the first three rounds of the draft look like?

  2. This is a great idea. You have any interest in participating in this sort of draft?